How to clean the kitchen after the pest control?

Pest infestation causes severe health problems for pets, you, and your family. Therefore, keeping home free from cockroaches, rats, termites, ticks, ants is hugely crucial. Hiring Pest Control Service in Henley Beach is the right decision you have taken to prevent the entry of bugs. 

However, professionals guide you on precautions to follow before and after treatment. But cleanliness and maintenance are your responsibility to stop re-infestation. So, here we will see how you should clean, especially the kitchen, after the pest treatment.

When can you enter the kitchen after the pest treatment?

After pest control treatment in Henley Beach, it is not safe to rush into the kitchen directly. Instead, wait and ask a Professional Pest Control in Henley Beach. Experts will guide you about stipulated time based on the pest treatment. 

However, you should generally wait at least 3-4 hours; this will limit the direct exposure for you and your family, including pets and children.

Note: anyone having a health issue in the family should wait for a minimum of 24 hours before entering the home.

How can you clean the kitchen?

The kitchen is the most potential place for pests to hide and survive. In addition, it is also the space that is highly susceptible to re-infestation. However, maintaining it properly after pest extermination is quite challenging. Following are few tips suggested by pest control professionals in Henley Beach:

Clean the sink:

Once pest control service is done, it is essential to maintain hygiene, especially for the sink, to avoid the attack of roaches and rodents. Dirty plates, leftover crumbs, water mixed with grease provide perfect food and breeding ground for pests. Ensure you wipe everything from the basin and keep it dry as much as possible.

Store the food in the covered container:

Pests come in search of food that they find easily in the kitchen. Leaving grains in an open container is an invitation for pests. Therefore, to prevent easy access, keep grains in airtight containers. Keep fruits and vegetables cover to stop flies infestation. Dispose of the overripe fruit, rotten vegetables, leftover crumbs into a dustbin. 

Clean the cupboards:

The kitchen drawer, cabinets, and cupboard are where you store grains, cutleries, and other items. Do not forget; these are also ideal places for hiding larvae and eggs of roaches, spiders, and silverfish. Therefore, clean the cupboard regularly, to stop it making it attractive for pests. Also, after washing utensils, let them dry first, then store them in the cabinet.

Contact pest control Henley Beach:

Pest infestation turns your world upside down, but taking treatment is the best way to say no to these creepy crawlers. Now you know how to maintain cleanliness post pest control and stop re-infestation. It will essentially increase family safety and get the best out of the pest treatment. If you have not taken service yet, then contact Pest Control at Henley Beach.