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Winter is at its peak right now. And due to this, there are several pests that will or already have invaded your property seeking shelter from this harsh winter. Possum is one of the pests that you will find living inside your roof area for winter. Moreover, possums are very weak by heart. They can die even of stress.

Types Services Our Company Caters in Henley Beach

You can rely on our company for providing you with all the needed services for Possum Control. Because our company provides several services that will eventually meet the needs of everyone, one way or another:

✔ Domestic Possum control

In Domestic Possum control or Home Possum control, our company will remove any possum that is resting in or around your house/home. So do not wait for a possum to increase in number and instead give us a call.

✔ Possum inspection and removal

Removing Possums is a very hard task. But finding their nest is even harder. So, give our company a call for excellent possum inspection service and removal services too. All you gotta do is reach out to our company at any time.

✔ Emergency Possum control services 

Emergency Possum control service is one of the most prestigious services that we offer. We will arrive at your property in less than an hour, once you request this service of ours. Moreover, we are very affordable so do not wait for calls right away.

✔ Restaurant Possum Extermination Henley Beach

Possums in Restaurants is as harmful as rats and mice on farms. You will find a possum in your pantry eating away almost everything. So, instead of them eating away all of your food, hire our company. Our company is expert in dealing with possums at the restaurant.

✔ Pre-purchase Possum inspection

Looking for a good and professional company for a reliable report of pre-purchase possum inspection services. Then do not look further our company can provide you with the most trusted report of possum inspection services. So, ping us asap.

✔ Same day Possum control

If a company can not provide possum control on an urgent basis then that company is not the one for you. But we are, our company will provide you same day possum control. Our possum exterminators will arrive at your palace within 24 hours of the request.

Possum Inspection Specialists

Not knowing where the pest’s nest is pretty common for an individual. Like you do not have just one thing today that is to find the pest’s breeding nest. So, instead of spending all of your time and effort in locating possum. You can hire the most efficient and fastest professionals for the job.

And let us inform you that we are unmatched Possum Inspections Specialists. Our team will sniff out the possum if they require it. So, hiring our possum inspection services will only save your time and effort. Moreover, our company also has nominal rates so our service will not put a strain on your pocket.  So, if you are searching for Possum control near me, rely on us.

On-time Possum exterminators in Henley Beach 

When you request a possum control service the most important thing is the time. If a company can not arrive on time or gets late then things can take a turn off 360° real quick. But once you hire us you will not have to worry about punctuality. Our company is especially conducting a training session for punctuality and others.

We are very strict about discipline, we might just arrive at your property early but we will never arrive late. Moreover, our services are also available 24*7. But that does not mean we will be late because you called for us in the middle of the night. We will be there on time no matter what. So give us a call for the Best Possum Control service.

Major Advantages of Hiring Us

  • Our Company provides the best services with the highest-quality results in Henley Beach.
  • We are providing all of our services including our premium services at affordable rates. Moreover, we also offer customized plans for our clients.
  • All of our methods are re-tested along with the products that our company uses in providing the possum extermination Henley Beach services.
  • We are a certified and authorized pest control company in Henley Beach.


1.  Are Possums capable Of Damaging the roof or ceiling? 

Yes, possums are capable of damaging the ceiling very easily by chewing through any electrical wiring. If you have insulation on your roof or ceiling then they can damage the insulation through constant urination too.

2.  Why can’t the possum be relocated far from my place in Henley Beach? 

The reason is that possums are protected by the Victorian and South Australian governments. They will be removed from the nest, which can be your house’s ceiling or roof. But they will be released in the 50 meters area where they were resting or were trapped. 

3. How can Possum get into my ceiling? 

Possums will only require the size of a golf ball only. And From that much of an area, they will squeeze through. 

Possum Extermination Henley Beach
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